Bum Status: Deactivated

So, I graduated from college approximately 88 days ago.

Today I got a job! No, not one in my career but one that will hold me over until I either go back to Japan (which I will find out if I do next month) or the hiring season for school teachers starts again. 

I will be one of those cute hostess/cashiers at this new restaurant downtown called Fire Street Food. I interviewed with one of the owners last week where we talked about K-dramas, the fact that I lived in Japan and knew what tempura was, and where I see myself in 5 years. One of the most laid back interviews I’ve ever had, especially taking into consideration that my last one was with JET.  

I probably would have heard back from them sooner if it wasn’t Spring Break since two of my references were people that I worked with back in Statesboro, but they called my old manager from my very first job at Sonic many moons ago. They said that what he said about me working for him was enough to let them know I was the one for them. Man, thank Zeus for Facebook keeping me in contact with him! 

Although I’m excited about working and making some money, I’ve finally gotten comfortable with my “routine” and open schedule, but that must all come to an end. Turning 25 is really starting to look up!