Working, Working, Working

I’ve been working at my new job for a week.

Not gonna lie, it’s been kinda weird adjusting to this whole lack of free-time thing, but I know that will all change when I get my first paycheck. 

So far, it’s been not that fun but easy at the same time. My bosses/owners are very, very anal about how they want things to run BUT they don’t tell you what they want, so it’s a lot of that mind-reading and making assumptions that could get your head chopped off which has been happening a good bit around the restaurant. Good thing the job itself is not hard, just being a cashier and making sure that the place looks good. I can do that, but it’s getting difficult finding things to do after 6 hours have passed during my 8 hour-shift. Speaking of which, my schedule blows this week: Mon - Thurs (2pm - 10pm) and Friday & Saturday (2pm - 3am) Yes, that’s 3 in the morning. My feet still have not recovered from St. Patrick’s Day’s 12 hour shift. I require minimum of 2 days to do nothing but stay in bed and watching Netflix for most of the day. 

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to. Sucks but not completely. Hopefully I can get use to it, plus this will all be worth it if I make the JET cut!